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2020 Easter Egg Run - CANCELLED (06/03/2020)

Given the recent HM Government decision to raise the risk level from Coronavirus (COVID-19) from low to moderate, the fact we are seeing cases in Scotland and the likelihood that the spread of infection will continue to rise in the near future, we have concerns about running this year’s Blue Knights Scotland Easter Egg Run to CHAS Robin House.

This event would see us bringing a large group of people from across the country to Robin House where they could potentially come into contact with vulnerable, immuno-compromised children and families.

We have made the decision to cancel this year’s event in consultation with CHAS who agree, and welcome the decision.

We feel the wise decision is to cancel the event on Easter Sunday, April 12th and organise a fundraising event later on in the year when the risk level has reduced.

Apologies to all who have made plans for this event.